What Can I NOT Put In A Dumpster?

Posted on: 1 March 2017


When it comes to cleaning out your home, having access to a dumpster can be beneficial. Since you probably won't be able to fit all of the trash produced by a major cleanout into your city-issued trash container, renting a dumpster allows you to easily get rid of a large volume of unwanted items in a single trip. While you might think that a dumpster serves as a catch-all for your unwanted items, there are certain things that cannot go into a dumpster.

Here is a list of three things that you cannot put into a dumpster as you clean out your home in the future.

1. Adhesives

Most dumpster rental companies will prohibit you from placing any type of adhesive products into your dumpster. These products can include glues, tapes, silicone sealants, and other products that have adhesive qualities.

Loose adhesive products can damage the interior surface of the dumpster, and they can also cause debris within the dumpster to cement together, making the trash hard to remove. Be sure that you avoid putting any adhesives into your dumpster if you want to avoid excessive fines.

2. Batteries

Most batteries contain chemicals that can contaminate the environment. Over time, the plastic or metal housing containing these chemicals begins to deteriorate. This allows the chemicals within the batteries to leak out and spread into the soil.

Since batteries must be disposed of using specialized processes, dumpster rental companies prohibit the placement of these items into their dumpsters. Be sure that you aren't placing any car batteries or electronic devices with lithium ion batteries into your dumpster.

3. Tires

Most landfills across the country will not accept tires on their premises. This makes tires challenging to dispose of. You will not be able to put old tires into your rented dumpster, since the dumpster rental company disposes of the contents of its rented receptacles at landfills only.

If you have old tires that need to be tossed out, try contacting your local tire store to ask for advice on how to get rid of these unwanted objects properly. Any tires that are found in your rented dumpster could result in serious fines, so it's best to avoid trying to sneak them into your dumpster as you clean your home and garage.

Knowing what types of items you can't put into a dumpster will allow you to avoid unwanted fines while using a rented dumpster to dispose of the trash created when you clean out your home. Contact a dumpster service to learn more.